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Our flavors change frequently, but we're always likely to have something to suit your tastes! Some of the flavor's we frequently carry and have had in the past include:


Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Strawberry ~ Coffee ~ Mint Chip ~ Peppermint Stick

Chocolate Chip ~ Cookie Dough ~ Sweet Cream (plain or with fresh fruit) 

Cookie Jar ~ Vanilla Fudge ~ Vanilla Caramel ~ Nutella ~ Black Raspberry

Cherry Vanilla ~ Peachy Peach ~ Banana ~ Toasted Almond ~ Toasted Coconut

 Butter Pecan ~ Chocolate Chocolate Chip ~ Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Vanilla Caramel Truffle ~ Oreo Bomb ~ Peanut Butter ~ Butterfinger Blast



Main Street Special

Coffee ice cream loaded with chocolate chunks and a fudge ribbon!

Cookie Monster

Chocolate chip cookie pieces mixed into vanilla ice cream, dyed blue!

Espresso Nugget

Strong coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso candy mixed in!

Devin's Dream

Vanilla ice cream, Reese's pieces, white chocolate, chocolate covered almonds, and heath bar!

Holy Soot

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and chocolate fudge!

Fairy Dust

Cotton candy flavored!

Seasonal (fall/winter):

Pumpkin ~ Maple Walnut ~ Eggnog ~ Cinnamon

If you want to make sure that we have your favorite,

just give us a call!

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